Contra Mundum Broadcast

Contra PIC

1. Being Reformed  – What does it look like? –  with guest, Pastor Daniel Kok

2. Oaths, Vows, Covenants & You – with guest, Pastor Shawn Anderson

3. More on Being Reformed –  with guest, Pastor Daniel Kok

4. The Full Rights of Sons,  A Review – with guest, Pastor Daniel Kok

If you would like  a copy of pastor Kok’s review of “The Full Rights of Sons”  click here PDF


You can order a copy of “The Full Rights of Sons” by clicking on the icon to the left. We are not endorsing the book but it is important to read the authors work before formulating an opinion.



5. Head Coverings – Pastors Derrick Baars and Daniel Kok join Bob to discuss the topic of head coverings.

The views contained on this podcast do not reflect the opinion of the local session or the denomination that I am a minister in. They are mine (and the Apostle Pauls) . As well, the annoying hum in the background was a piece of machinery that was working near my office. We will avoid that in the future…promise…:)

5. Interview with author, Kathryn Stegall on the Full RIghts of Sons. Click here

6. Interview with Pastor Scott Wilkinson on head coverings. Click here

Pastor Scott’s list of commentators on the topic. Click here